Yadiki Caves

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Yadiki Caves is midway between Gooty and Tadipatri. The cave system is in the picturesque village of Konapulappadu which is 18 kms. from Yadiki. The magnificent view of the hillocks, gorges, spring, paddy fields, lake and winding roads enthralls every visitor. Geemanugavi cave is 5kms. in length and one can go up to 2kms. inside. The intricate designs of stalactite and stalagmite formations takes shape of chandeliers, bridges, globes, snakes etc. The sight of some, which glitters like diamonds is amazing. Uudamanugavi, another cave can accommodate 100 people. Kona Ramalingeswara temple adjacent to the spring adds to the beauty. For those who are young in mind and body there is scope for trekking and rock climbing.
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