Venu Gopala Swamy Temple

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King Dharmaraj and Kunthi installed the idols of Sri Thirupuranatha Swamy and Sri Janardhan Swamy, at this place. 500 years ago villagers found an idol of Sri Madhava Swamy and established it between the earlier two temples and named it Sri Venugopalaswamy Temple during their stay. The jami tree at the Tripurtantaka Swamy temple is considered to be holy for its miraculous properties. The temple is said to be thousands of years old. The local inhabitants tried to shift the temple but they could not uproot the sivalinga. The Shivalinga extends more than 179 feet deep in to the earth as estimated by Modern day gelogists. Located at Jammi on the banks of the river Gowthami, 10 Kms from Vizianagaram.
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