Tourism Locations in Nellore District

  • Golagamudi Temple +

    It is located at about 15 km from Nellore in the Venkatachalam mandal. A Sage called Venkaiah lived here during middle of the 20th century and attained Mahasamadhi at this place. People worship him as Read More
  • Jain Temple +

    This temple is located on the Tirupati-Nellore highway. This temple is dedicated to the Read More
  • Jonnawada Temple +

    Mallikarjuna Swamy Kamakshi Tai Temple, Jonnawada, constructed in the year 1150 ( tretayuga), is located about 12 km from Nellore. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi, Read More
  • Kandaleru Dam +

    Kandaleru Dam constructed across the Kandaleru river, is about 60 km away from Nellore. The destination is well connected by a State Highway from Nellore to Kadapa via Rapur & Rajampet. This river originates in Read More
  • Kasmur Dargah +

    The Dargah Shareef of Hazrath Syed Kareemulla Qadiri (RA) urf Ka-le Shah Mastan Baba (RA) lies in Kasumuru village, which is situated on the west of Venkatachalam Mandal 25 km away from Nellore. Devotees refer to him as Read More
  • Krishnapatnam Beach +

    Krishnapatnam is a major port and market center. It is situated at a distance of 24 km from Nellore City in Nellore District, the southernmost coastal district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India and 200 kilometer north of Read More
  • Mypadu Beach +

    This is Mypadu beach (Bay of Bengal), just 20 km from Nellore City. Those who want to have a refreshing change from daily life can visit this beach for an out of this world experience. Especially those Read More
  • Narasimhakonda Temple +

    Vedagiri Lakshminarasimha Swamy devasthanam came into being nearly 500 years ago, on the summit of Narasimhakonda. According to the rock inscriptions, this temple was built by Read More
  • Nelapattu Wildlife Sanctuary +

    LOCATION & AREA: Nellore District. Area 4.58 Sq. Kms. UNIQUENESS: The largest breeding ground for the Grey Pelicans. You can watch the Pelicans in their nests from a few feet away. FLORA: A fresh water tank with Read More
  • Penchalakona Temple +

    Lord Narasimha manifested Himself here as a huge of rock in "Yoga mudra" and hence it acquired the name of "Penusila" (huge rock) and in course of time became famous as Read More
  • Pulicat Wildlife Sanctuary +

    PULICAT Lake & Wildlife Sanctuary LOCATION & AREA: Nellore District. Area 500 Sq. Kms. UNIQUENESS: The second largest brackish water Eco-System in the Country supporting the largest congregation of Read More
  • Rahamatulla Durgah +

    It is located at about 60 km from Nellore city. This big Dargah here is ancient and is known as Khaja Rahamatulla Dargah. It is one of the unique places where Hindus and Muslims blend together and Read More
  • Sri Mulasthaneswara Temple +

    The Temple of Sri Mulasthaneswara Swamy was built 1400 years ago, to the west of Nellore. As the Lord manifested Himself under a Read More
  • Sri Narasimhaswamy Wildlife +

    Sri Penusila Narasimhaswamy Wildlife Sanctuary Sri Penusila Narasimhaswamy Wildlife Sanctuary LOCATION & AREA: Nellore District. Area 1030.85 Sq. Kms. UNIQUENESS: Comprises a unique and Read More
  • Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple +

    This Temple is approximately 500 years old, located on the bank of Pennar river. A 29m tall gopuram with gold kalasam, the temple is known for the architectural Read More
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