Kadiri Lakshminarayana Swamy

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Kadiri Lakshminarayana Swamy Temple Located to the west of the town, Kadiri is a popular place of pilgrimage attracting many devotees. The epics say that 'Narashimha Swami' is one of the ten avataras of Lord Vishnu. This Vishnu temple appears to have been constructed by one 'Ranganayudu', a Palegar of Patharlapattanam.
Several scenes from 'Ramayana' are painted on the ceiling of the 'Rangamantapa' and several frescos on that of the Lakshmi mantapa depicting scenes from the 'Bhagavata'. Unfortunately the murals have lost their freshness and are fading. Many inscriptions on the temple mostly mention the gifts given by kings to the temple.
The legendary significance of this sacred shrine dates back to Trethayuga, and according to local version, the presiding deity - Narasimhaswami in His terrific aspect - 'Vugrarupa' chose to settle down here after killing Hiranyakasyapa.
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