Arasavalli Temple

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Arasavalli, home to an ancient temple of Suryanarayana Swamy, is located 3 km from Srikakulam. The deity is a granite idol of Surya which is about 5 feet high bearing lotus buds. The deity is presented with consorts Padma, Usha and Chhaaya, on a chariot driven by seven horses. The temple is built in such a way that the early morning sun's rays fall on the feet of the deity twice a year, in February and June, even when the 5 main entrance gates are closed. It is said to have been built originally by the Kalinga rulers of Orissa around the 7th century. Legend has it that Indra, the king of Gods, once attempted to force his entry into the temple of Koteeshwara. He was thrown out of the temple by Nandi. Later a remorseful Indra enshrined Surya, the Sun God, in this temple and performed worship services.
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