Bhattiprolu Maha Stupa

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Maha stupam located in gutur dist is Bhattiprolu maha stupa. Bhattiprolu was previously named as Pratipalapura, a flourishing Buddhist town in the ancient Sala kingdom that predated Andhra Satavahanas. Bhattiprolu is most known for its maha Stupa, the Chinna Lanja dibba and Vikramarka kota dibba. The stupa was vandalised during the 18th Century and during the first excavation a proof of existence of the Republican Kingdom of Kubera Raja was found from the inscription. The stupa was constructed in wheel shape like the one found at Ghantasala in Krishna district. The stupa was found to be 40 meters in diameter with an additional basement of 2.4 meters wide running all around. The most significant discovery is the crystal relic casket of sarira dhatu of the Buddha from the central mass of the stupas. Bhattiprolu is around 28 km from Tenali and 15 minutes drive from Repalle. It is a station on the Repalle-Tenali railway and falls under the Guntur division of South Central Railway.It is also well connected to Repalle, Tenali, Bapatla, Ponnur via road and lies on the National Highway 214A.
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