Bhushavali's Travel Experience - part1

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New Adventures at Horsley Hills (Chitoor - Andhra Pradesh)

On a recent long weekend, I went again to one of my favourite destinations - Horsley Hills!!! I've already told you about it here and here. And here's about the Adventure games of Horsley Hills. Well, there was an awesome surprise that awaited me when I went this time.


All the adventure games here have changed for newer adventure games!!!!!! Yippeee.... This time too I did all of those and here are some videos of the new adventures. Btw, the height of the games has also gone up by about 5 ft - the more the merrier, isn't it???
This one below, is similar to the Earthquake of last time, but lengthwise swings. This was slightly less intense, but the problem was the holding wire that ran atop the head instead of arm height like last time.

The only thing that was not changed are the Spider man and Freefall...

After all these was a beautiful mid day at the exquisite view of windy Galibanda.

And the below one, is my new favourite.... 


Btw, that was our cottage. I've shared more about the accommodation available there in my earlier posts. Again stressing the fact that there's no point going without pre-booking accommodation. The number of rooms is only about 35.



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