Konda Reddy Buruju

Rising from amidst a stream of traffic,the konda Reddy Buruju is the most iconic landmark of Kurnool.The monument, a semi-circular bastion crowned with a tower,is the only extant remains of an old fortification around the city. Achyuta Raya,an emperor of the Viiayanagara empire built the fort between 1530-42 CE.


Legend has it that in the 16th century, the Nawab of Kurnool defeated Konda Reddy, the last king of Alampur, and imprisoned him here. The latter escaped bv digging a subterranean passage, which is believed to go from under the Tungabhadra River all the way to the Jogulamba Temple in Alampur, 28km away.There were rumours that the vault contained riches, which attracted many treasure seekers,Prompting the government to board up the tunnel. The citadel has been restored in recent years and is quite Popular with couples and the younger residents of the city.


How to Reach

The closest airport near Kondareddy Buruju is in Hyderabad.

Kurnool is the nearest train station.

Kondareddy Buruju is well connected by Kurnool.

Best time to visit

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Timings: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm


Coles Centennial Church: The church, a short hop away from the Konda Reddy Buruju, is an exquisite Gothic structure with a stone-brick fagade, red-tiled roofs and tinted windows.

Oravakallu Rock Garden: Oravakallu Rock Garden, Millions of years of wind and water erosion have chiselled the hillocks around Oravakallu, resulting in a beautiful array of shapes and formations.

Rollapadu Bird Sitnctuary: The Great Indian Bustard, a critically endangered bird, is one of the four species of bustards found in India.

Gol Gumbadh: Gol Gumbadh is the mausoleum of Abdul Wahab Khan, the first Nawab of Kurnool who owed allegiance to the Bijapur Kingdom.

Jagannatha Gattu: As you head south of Kurnool, you will come across a long, narrow strip of hill that has a remarkably gentle incline.

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