Oravakallu Rock Garden

Oravakallu Rock Garden Millions of years of wind and water erosion have chiselled the hillocks around Oravakallu, resulting in a beautiful array of shapes and formations. A section of the rock shelters have been designated as the Oravakallu Rock Garden, where pavements have been built for easy access. 


The rock garden is a choice spot for rock climbing, bouldering and bird watching. However, you will have to bring your own shoes and equipment. There is also a children's park and gallery of sculptures fashioned from salvaged machine and automobile parts in the rock garden's precincts.A water body courses through the boulders, creating a small gorge in the middle that culminates in a lake.Steps cut into the stones take you to a vantage Point, which has panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding rock formations.



Orvakallu is often used as a location for film shoots. In recent years, rampant mining of quartz and silica that abound in the rocks have posed a threat to the ancient geological formations.


How to Reach

The closest airport near is in Hyderabad. 

Kurnool is the nearest train station.

It is well connected by Kurnool.

Best time to visit

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Timings: 8.00 am - 6.00 pm


Gol Gumbadh: Built around 1620A0, Gol Gumbadh is the mausoleum of Abdul Wahab Khan, the first Nawab of Kurnool who owed allegiance to the Bijapur Kingdom.

Jagannatha Gattu: As you head south of Kurnool, you will come across a long, narrow strip of hill that has a remarkably gentle incline.

Mahanandi: The most remarkable thing about the shrine at Mahanandi is its temple tank, which is perhaps the cleanest in all of India.

Ahobilam: Amidst the lush verdure of Nallamala Hills stands an important Vaishnava centre known as Ahobilam, which was founded in the early 16th century.

Nawab Bungalow: The ancient abandoned bungalow was largely forgotten until it suddenly gained popularity after being featured in the 2009 Tollywood thriller Arundhati.

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