Annavaram Satya Narayana Swamy Temple

Situated atop the Ratnagiri Hills, enroute to Visakhapatnam, Annavaram is one of the most revered pilgrim centres in Andhra Pradesh.  Annavaram is quite a picturesque destination with the Pampa River flowing languidly next to the hills. The multi-storeyed temple complex has several entrances. The riveting temple structure, painted in white is home to Veera Venkata Satya Narayana Swamy, a form of Lord Vishnu. Satya Narayana is offered prayers on occasions such as weddings, house warmings, etc. The main shrine is two-storeyed and houses a unique yantra (geometrical diagram used in the Tantric tradition to aid in meditation) based on Tripad Vibhuti Narayana Upanishad.


Opposite the main shrine is the kalyana mandapam. Other shrines in the temple premises are dedicated to Vana Durga and Lord Rama. Initially, the temple was a mere shed built over the idol of Satya Narayana, which was found here in 1891. Over time it was constructed into the structure you see today. The main temple is in the shape of a chariot with four wheels.

Unfortunately, the beauty and sanctity of the temple have been overshadowed by increasing commercialisation. There is already an option for a paid special darshana, but even in the sanctum of the main shrine, you are asked if you would like to pay to have a closer look at the deity. 



1. Devasthanam is running buses Uphill to Railway Station, Railway Station to Uphill frequently for every train.

2. Devasthanam Bus is running from Annavaram to Simhachalam every day from Uphill @ 7.30 A.M.

3. Devasthanam Bus is running from Annavaram to Kotipalli every day from Uphill @ 6.00 A.M. and 12.00 P.M


Devastanam administration has taken all measures for the piligram's comfortable stay on the Ratnagiri. Visitors will be offered diffrent kinds of accomodation ranging from Normal rooms to A.C Suits in various choultries and guest houses on the hill.

For the convenience of the casual visitors devastanam provided lockers to keep their luggage .

Advance reservation fecility is available for all accomodations except Prakash Sadan. Reservation will be done by paying one day rent + 50% of additional amount for the guest house of their choice.



How to Reach

Rajahmundry is the nearest airport.

There are regular trains from other major cities of the country to Annavaram.

Annavaram is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular buses.

Best time to visit

  1. jan

  2. feb

  3. mar

  4. apr

  5. may

  6. jun

  7. jul

  8. aug

  9. sep

  10. oct

  11. nov

  12. dec


1. Sarva Darsanam: Free (6.00AM to 12.30PM 1.00PM to 9.00PM)

2. Seegra Darsanam: Rs.50/- (6.00AM to 12.30PM 1.00PM to 9.00PM)

3. Antaralaya Darsanam: Rs.100/- (6.00AM to 12.30PM 1.00PM to 9.00PM) 


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