Jainism flourished in Andhra Pradesh for more than a thousand years-roughly from 2nd century BCE to 13th century CE. However, there are very few archaeological sites extant as many Jain shrines were supplanted by Hindu ones.


Danavulapadu, located on the northern bank of the Penna. At the walled complex here, there are the remains of a Jain shrine and a 12-ft-tall idol of a Jain tirthankara. A few idols of serpent deities have also been placed next to the well in the complex. Many other artefacts inscriptions and sculptures-were found here during excavations, but these were moved to the Government Museum in Chennai.


Despite its historical importance, the ancient Jain site barely receives any visitors. In fact, there is not even a proper road to the complex or signposts. Nevertheless, a trip to Danavulapadu is quite rewarding for those interested in history. Although it is located just 1km south of the Proddatur-Jammalamdugu road, it might be hard to find. Ask people for the 'boudha gudi', the local name for the archaeological complex, which misleadingly means 'Buddhist temple'.


How to Reach

The closest airport near this temple is in Kadapa. 

Jammalamadugu and Proddatur are the nearest Train Station.

This Jain temple is well connected by Proddatur(15km) and Jammalamadugu(6km).

Best time to visit

  1. jan

  2. feb

  3. mar

  4. apr

  5. may

  6. jun

  7. jul

  8. aug

  9. sep

  10. oct

  11. nov

  12. dec

Timings: 5.00 am - 12.00 pm & 4.00 pm - 9.00 pm


St Mary's Cathedral: Consecrated in 1992, the St Mary's Cathedral stands out amongst Kadapa's many churches.

Bhagawan Mahaveer District Archaeological Museum: Established in 1982, the museum has a modest collection of inscriptions, statues, weapons, stone tools and miniature paintings.

Pedda Dargah: The Ameen Peer Dargah or the pedda Dargah (literally 'big shrine'), as it is colloquially known, attracts not only devotees cutting across class and religious lines, but also celebrities.

Proddatur: The city of Proddatur is an important business and trading centre. While there is not much to see here.

Sangameswara Temple: The Sangameswara Temple has one of the most enviable settings amidst rolling hills and fields at the confluence of the Vahini, Papagani and Pavani rivers.

Nandalur: Many tourists make a stopover at Nandalur to visit the magnificent Soumyanatha Swamy Temple.

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